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Features of the QuattroDent Dental Office Software

Patient Record

The patient record contains everything you would expect on a dental patient record. Patient's name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, insurance details, last appointment, exam and xray dates along with the patient's current balance.

You can also add a picture so you can correctly identify the patient and there are several fully customisable fields where you can store any additional data you wish to know about a patient.

Fully customisable Medical History

You decide the questions on your medical history record. The QuattroDent Dental Office Software comes with a very inclusive medical history questionnaire, but if there are more questions you want asked, you can just add them. There is plenty of space of comprehensive notes and lists of medications and you have the choice of flagging conditions as soon as the patient record is opened.

The Medical History record tracks the date that the Medical History was last updated and the patient's general medical practitioner is displayed on the record.

Administrative Notes

The Administrative Notes section of the QuattroDent Dental Office Software will record all administrative actions with the patient.

All appointments made and cancelled are recorded, along with the reason for cancellation and a copy of the original appointment card.

All letters printed and sent to the patient are kept in this section, and if the letter wasn't printed through QuattroDent you can scan it in here and a copy can be kept that way.

A copy of all SMS and email appointment reminbers are recorded in the Administrative Notes, and if you link QuattroDent to your Dental Office Telephone system via the in-built OAISYS Telephone API it will even record that a call was made to or from the patient and the duration of that call.

Further to recording information, a flag can be placed on an entry that will flag that entry up every time the patient record is opened. For Example This patient is deaf but lip reads so don't wear a mask when you are talking to her

Clinical Notes

Treatment items are automatically transfered to the clinical notes as they are marked as being done. You can also add any custom text to the clinical notes and as we know that you often have to enter the same thing for many different patients you can create notes-presets that you can just select to add regular clinical text.

Once a course of treatment has been marked as complete the clinical notes for that course are locked, providing you with a secure way of logging everything provided for a patient.

Treatment Recording

With the QuattroDent Dental Office Software you can produce a treatment plan, with fees, and even create alternative plans while still keeping the original. The treatment plan can show finance plan discounts and print estimates and invoices directly.

Treatment items can be inserted directly from the dental chart to save you time, and for items that are charged on an houly rate QuattroDent even includes a clock that you can start and stop. Treatment time will be automatically inserted and the cost calculated based on your hourly rate.

Appointments Diary

The QuattroDent Dental Office Software includes a very powerful Appointments Diary that will keep your practice running smoothly. Make, cancel, move, lengthen, shorten appointments with just a few mouse clicks. Handles bookings for the entire family and allows new patients to be booked in without having to pre-create a patient record.

Sessions can be blocked off for meetings, vacations and sickness and sections of the diary can be pre-designated for particular procedures, such as emergency appointments.

Patients checked in on the diary will automatically appear on the Dental Surgens screen ready for when they enter the surgery.

Appointment reminders can be sent automatically, either by email of by SMS text depending on the patient's pre-defined preference.

Family Groupings

Families will often want to book all their routine examinations together. This can be very time consuming for reception staff, but not with the QuattroDent Dental Office Software. With just a few clicks the entire family is booked in together.

Dental Chart with Fully Customisable Symbold and Materials

The symbols on QuattroDent's charting system are fully customisable, you can even create your own symbols. Any number of materials for restorations can be added to the chart and they are shown as different colours on the charted symbols. Symbols can be linked to treatment items which allows automatic transfer of charted data into a treatment plan.

The QuattroDent Detal Office chart can be configured to use FDI, US or British (Palmer) notation.

Periodontal Charting

The QuattroDent Dental Office Software provides both graphical and textual recording of Pocket Depth, Recession, FGM, Bleeding, Delayed Bleeding, Mobility, Suppuration, Furcation and Plaque. Textual comparisons between different recordings show disease progress or resolution.

Also included are BPE/CPITN charts, with history and Debris and Bleeding charts.

Built in Document Editor

QuattroDent has it's own document editor so you can create letters that merge with QuattroDent's data. Not only can you create standard letters, but you can use the document editor to customise your invoices, estimates and appointment cards.

Links to 3rd Party Xray Systems

QuattroDent will link with many 3rd party Xray Imaging systems. Currently supported are any systems that accept a command line link such as the Kodak system and also direct links to Schick V2, Schick V3 or newer, Digora for Windows and Duerr DBSWIN. See our FAQ section for information on how to Configure QuattroDent and your Xray system to work together.

If you have an Xray system that we do not currently support, please contact us at support@quattrodent.com with details and we will look to see if we can incorporate support for your system.

More To Come...

The QuattroDent Dental Office Software is constantly in development. More features are being added all the time and we are always listening to our customers requuests for features.