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How do I configure QuattroDent to work with the Trophy/Kodak/Carestream Xray System?

Go to the Configuration Menu in the QuattroDent Dental Office System and select Set Preferences

Go to the External Applications Page selector on the left hand side.

Check the Xrays Box.

Check the Command Line Based box

In the Application Field use the ... button at the end to locate the Trophy/Kodak/Carestream executable file, this is usually called TW.EXE

If you already have patient data stored in your Trophy/Kodak/Carestream system you will need to locate the storage path. Your Trophy/Kodak/Carestream support department should be able to help you with this.

Once you know the storage path enter the following in the Parameters Field in Quattrodent

-P<storage path>\[Patient.ID] -N[Patient.Surname] -F[Patient.Forename]

Replacing <storage path> with the Trophy/Kodak/Carestream storage path located above. For example

-Pc:\programdata\kodak\patients\[Patient.ID] -N[Patient.Surname] -F[Patient.Forename]

Click the OK button and QuattroDent should now link to your Xray software. Go to a patient record. You should now see an Xrays button. Press the button and your Xray Software should open with the patient record pre-selected. Note that because the Trophy/Kodak/Carestream system uses a command line link you will need to close the system before you can use QuattroDent to open a different patient.