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What is TAPI and how does QuattroDent use it?

TAPI stands for Telephone Application Programming Interface and is a way for computers to talk to telephone systems. The QuattroDent Dental Office System has extensive TAPI support and can link your telephone system directly to your patient records.

QuattroDent currently supports the OAISYS TAPI system, but if you have a telephone that uses a different system then please contact us and we will look to see if we can integrate the QuattroDent Dental Office System with your particular telephone system.

If you would like to see how TAPI would work we have a demonstration system you can download and run which will simulate a telephone system without you actually having to connect QuattroDent to your own system.

To use the demonstration system, first download our TAPI Demo Application from http://www.intervations.com/download/quattrodent/TapiDemo.exe.

Once downloaded, run the downloaded file. Next, start QuattroDent and go to the Configuration Menu. Select Set Preferences. Then select the TAPI page and check Enable TAPI. Use the TAPI API dropdown to select QuattroDent Demo. Enter as the address of the TAPI demonstration software (if you want to run the TAPI server on another machine you can do that, just enter the correct IP address for the machine it is running on here. You will also need to ensure that port 8767 is allowed through your firewall if you want to run this on antoher machine). Next enter Port Number 8767. You can leave the other settings as they are as the demo program does not use these. Now press the OK button.

The TAPI preferences screen

Now you are ready to see how TAPI will work. First, simulate an incoming call from one of your patients. Go to the TAPI Demo and enter one of your patients phone numbers into the box next to the Simulate Incomine Phone Call button. The press the button.

TAPI Demo 1

You will see the call log pop up in the QuattroDent Dental Office System. From the call log you can see who is calling you, and you can click answer to answer the call. Alternatively you can pick up the telephone (or in the case of the demo click the Answer Current Call button), QuattroDent will still know that the call was answered.

TAPI Demo 2

QuattroDent will track the time you are on the call and when the phone call is terminated, either by pressing the disconnect button in the Call Log, or by hanging up the phone, an entry will be placed in the Patients Administration Notes to log that a phone call was received and the duration of that call.

Outgoing calls are tracked in a similar manner. Calls can be initiated from the patient record, the call log, or you can just dial the phone. If QuattroDent sees the phone dialed a patients' number it will automatically start logging that call. Again the call duration will be logged in the patients administration notes.